The Love Struck band was formed by Jesus Angel Mora and PaulaClaudine Hobson-Coard in 2010.  Love Struck Band is a 6 piece band that is comprised of extremely talented, versatile, and professional musicians.  Their music is invigorating; every song has a Love Struck twist to it, whether it is a cover or an original. 

Fans say “It’s not just a wealth of musical styles or their smooth and expressive musical synergies that have made Love Struck such an amazing band.  Their songs, which range from bluesy to rock to R&B and Latin vibes to pop, show that they know their way around the world of music. The musical arrangements are absolutely amazing and unique.” 
“We love the Love Struck band! You guys have great energy, and a great vibe with a big stage presence!"

They are taking the Bay Area by storm! 

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